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Small Engine 4-Cycle Fuel (Ethanol Free) 6-Pack of Quarts by VP Racing

Model Number:

Item Number: _234

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SEF 94 Fuel is ready to use. No more messing around with gas cans! Simply open the convenient 1 quart can and pour into your equipment. It's that easy!

Perfect for generators a must have on your storm supply list.

SEF94 contains not ethanol and is perfect for obtaining the best performance from you lawn mower, pressure washer, generator or other small 4-cycle engine not requiring a 2 cycle fuel mix.

Order one of our handy six-pack cases of SEF94 and the days of ethanol fuel related problems are over.

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Regular Price: $49.95


Small Engine 4-Cycle Fuel (Ethanol Free) 6-Pack of Quarts by VP Racing Zoom



VP Racing Small Engine 4-Cycle Fuel (Ethanol Free) 6-Pack of Quarts

Today’s E-10 fuel formulation, containing Ethanol, is destroying expensive outdoor power equipment. To make matters worse, E-15 has received the Federal government's approval and widespread distribution at the pump is just around the corner. All fuel available at the gas pump today contains Ethanol which is harmful to rubber as well as some plastic and fiberglass components common on chainsaws, blowers, trimmers and small engine equipment that runs on 2-cycle and 4-cycle fuel. The answer? SEF94 Small Engine Fuel! SEF94 Ensures Easier Starts and Worry-Free Long-Term Storage With no ethanol and other unique properties to keep it stable, SEF94 is an excellent long-term storage fuel. It will remain stable indefinitely in a sealed container and won’t degrade plastic, rubber or fiberglass components in your fuel system, allowing quick starts even after equipment sits idle for many months. In addition to easier starts, your equipment will run cleaner, smoother and you'll see better throttle response. Like many homeowners, loggers, arborists, landscapers, outdoorsmen, farmers and emergency workers, you may have experienced what it's like to deal with a tool that won’t work when needed and the inconvenience of costly rebuilds. Because SEF94 extends the engine life of your light equipment, the inconvenience, cost and frustration of hard starts and repairs due to fuel problems will be a thing of the past. VP Racing Fuels is the world leader in fuel technology for the most sophisticated race engines in the world. And on a smaller scale, portable gas-powered tools are, in fact, sophisticated high performance engines. In developing SEF94, VP's chemists applied all their knowledge in molecular technology to design this superior fuel. This has resulted in a cost-effective alternative to street-gas and its ethanol-related problems.

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Additional Information

Name Small Engine 4-Cycle Fuel (Ethanol Free) 6-Pack of Quarts by VP Racing
Item Number _234
Weight (lbs.) 8.0000

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